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Lou's is not just about performance. We offer a full line of quiet replacement mufflers for all vehicle makes and models at much lower prices than the competition.

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To ensure car manufacturers meet the expectations of the mainstream customer, many of today's cars leave the factory with low-velocity, ultra-quiet exhaust systems. As a result, exhaust flow (along with power and torque) is restricted. But our performance exhaust systems release this stranglehold on your engine. By using tested and tried brands of mufflers to free up the flow, our exhausts systems unleash the power and optimize your cars performance.


What's more, you will get to work with us to pick your exhaust note. With over a decade helping select a sound for customers we typically know, right from the start, what muffler is going to make you happy. However, to insure you’ll like it, we can actually will dry fit the muffler on the car and start it so you can hear it – before it is welded in. We also offer full stainless steel in our systems, if you want, and any kind of polished stainless tip you want to help make the vehicle look better.

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• Emission Diagnosis

• Brake Repair Specialist

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