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New designed muffler

At Lou's we are constantly looking for new products and better material to offer our customers. In 2006, we developed our new Signature Series mufflers – a new, innovative line of mufflers developed for our performance customers.

Two Chamber High Performance

SS 409 Turbo Stainless Mufflers

With 40 years of experience installing muffler systems, we determined that we could create a better muffler using our own design and manufacturing process. The 2-Chamber SS muffler was designed for our customers interested in performance gains as well as an aggressive deep tone. This was accomplished by increasing the internal flow diameter and using thicker 14-gauge aluminized material (industry standard is a thinner 16-gauge). The result is our most aggressive sounding performance muffler.

Classic car enthusiasts have continuously asked for a deep performance tone muffler without the loud resonance in the vehicle created by many of the highly advertised mufflers on the market. We took the challenge to create a muffler that increased horsepower and at the same time produced a low deeper tone. The SS 409 Turbo stainless muffler has become so popular we have added additional designs to this popular design. The SS 409 Turbo is now available in a Truck Turbo, Import Turbo, Dual Muscle Car Turbo, Dual Truck Turbo, as well as the original Classic Car SS 409.

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Lou's own SS Signature Series Muffler

SS 409 FREEFLOW Series Mufflers

We also carry a full line of Magnaflow and Flowmaster products.

Stainless and Powder Coated Tips

We have a choice of over 50 different stainless tip options. Tips will make a  unique statement on your style.

CTA-vector-150-107 New muffler being installed